Art as alchemy.

As a sculptor turned soap and candle maker, I have a passion for working with my hands. I gather inspiration from nature, folklore, horror, religious iconography, and add my own personal flair. I like to tell stories with what shapes my hands make, sometimes dark but always with a sense of humor.

All of my products are original. The process is simple, and not simple. I sculpt, I pour molds with silicone, and then cast duplicates of the original sculpts in the mediums of my choice (soap and wax).

The creative process doesn't end in the design and mold. I make product from scratch using eco-friendly, sustainable, wholesome ingredients in small batches. It is a labor of love. Like alchemy, there's something transformative about melting down oils, mixing parts plant, water, essence, and giving it form, strength, and potency through the process.