"Why does my candle have a white residue on it?"

All candles are made using 100% soy wax, which may develop a white film or crystals. This is called frosting. There is nothing wrong with your candle and it is completely natural. Frosting may develop over time and can usually be gently wiped away.

"Why does it take so long to ship?"

 All of my products are made by hand and to order. I create my own sculpts, my own silicone molds, etc. Every product I carry is made from scratch by a team of 1. While I enjoy and prefer this process, it does mean that each item takes longer to produce (even more so as I do balance a full work schedule outside of my craft). Thank you so much for your patience!

"What do you mean by natural ingredients? Are your soaps cruelty free?"

I make every effort to keep my ingredients green. That is, free from harsh detergents and preservatives. I also make every effort to source sustainable and fair trade materials. I do not use palm oil. I buy from ethical sources.

My soaps are made from pure coconut oil, and although some colors are derived from oxide pigments I typically use plant based colorants (such as madder root, charcoal, beet root powder, clay, indigo, and alfalfa leaf). Scents are achieved through blends of pure essential oils. All but my goat's milk soap bars are vegan friendly.

Candles are made with 100% soy wax, cotton and paper core wicks, and are lead and zinc free.

Products are packaged in eco-friendly kraft boxes, recycled tissue, and many more fragile pieces are nestled in raw organic cotton for extra protection during shipment.  Even my packing peanuts are environmentally friendly plant starch. Throw them in water and watch them dissolve!